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Faceless A.I. YouTube Videos that Generates $30,000 Monthly: Only 5 Minutes Required!

Many of our students who are disabled and retired are making between $5k and $70k per month!


This works even if you have no audience, no following, & no tech skills...

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"I just experienced an amazing training session with Wesley. Learning new stuff at  57 yrs old it's rough, but Wesley made the training feel effortless and engaging, thanks to Wesley’s clear and concise presentation. He really knows how to connect and actually help you make money." -Linda


Warning: If the Orange Button Turns Red, Do Not Text Because You Are Too Late
Does What I Teach Really Work?

People Who Replaced Their Full Time Job with AI YouTube Videos


Transform Your Career with AI-Driven YouTube Content

  • Fully-automated software for SET & FORGET 24/7 AI YouTube Channel and Videos (even if you have zero experience and no camera)
  • ​Thousands of our students are making $5k - $100k per month using our secret strategies
  • ​Your channel will be monetized 
  • ​Follow the steps, and it will be IMPOSSIBLE for you to fail
  • Our INSANE guarantee: ​If you do everything we say and don't make money, we'll pay $2,000 for your troubles
  • ​Join a community of like-minded individuals on the path to lasting business success
  • ​Access our Premium Over the Shoulder's Training (included) and support from experienced AI content creators
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Warning: If the Orange Button Turns Red, Do Not Text Because You Are Too Late
Meet The Creators Of The Program

Wesley Virgin

Wesley Virgin’s products have done over $100M in revenue and he’s gained a following of over 1 million customers.

Hailing from a Houston TX ghetto, raised in poverty by parents devoted to ministry, he amassed a remarkable net worth. And now he has dedicated his life to helping people win.

Ariella Iorio

After following Wesley Virgin, Ariella built her first seven-figure business before turning 29 after leaving her 9-5 job.

Today she is living her dreams. Her specialty is helping people to find success and a new career using YouTube monetization.
why work with Us?
Ten years ago, I hit my first $1,000,000 per month milestone.

Since then, we've built a global company with 750+ employees globally, dedicated to empowering people like you to achieve financial prosperity.

Our proven system has transformed the lives of countless business owners and 9 to 5 grinders, propelling them to new heights in both personal and professional realms.

Don't miss out on this opportunity that's taking the internet by storm. 

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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: What is Youtube A.I. Automation in a nutshell?
It's a cloud-based platform designed for any user to generate views, subscribers with steady views effortlessly from youtube, even without recording videos, and also get monetized to generate passive income month after month. 
Q: How much can I make?
Our top students make $5k-$70k/month.
Q. Do I need any programming skills?
None whatsoever. We do the work for you.
Q. Do I need to record my face?
No! You never need to record your face if you don't want to.
Q. Is this beginner friendly? What about tech skills?
Youtube Tube AI  is SUPER simple to use and we’ve set it up so any newcomer can be up and running in no time. No difficult tech skills are required.
Q. What if I get confused along the way?
Don’t worry, we will guide you every step of the way.
Q. How soon can I expect results?
Legally we’re not allowed to make any claims about your personal results.

What we CAN say is that literally hundreds of users have received profitable channels on their FIRST DAY of using Youtube AI Automation … and that many of these users were complete beginners!
Q. I’m sold. How do I get started?
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